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The Wall Street Transcript

Interview with Sam C. Coquillard, Managing Director:

Looking for Mispricings in Large-Cap Stocks (1/16/17)

Sam Coquillard discusses his firm’s large-cap value [strategy]. Mr. Coquillard looks for companies where there has been some perception or insight that has been overlooked by the market, and as a result a misplacing has taken place. He invests in companies he can understand with management he believes is trustworthy and shareholder friendly. He also wants businesses that have a competitive advantage. Mr. Coquillard says there are a lot of large-cap names that have been left behind in this market rally, and he is surprised by the valuations.

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Emerging Manager Monthly

Interview with Charles Suh, CFA:

Pacific Global Launches Active Strategy Focusing On Women Leaders (Sep 2016)

Pacific  Global  Investment Management Company has launched an active domestic large-cap core equity strategy that focuses on investing in companies with women in leadership.

The strategy targets companies with women in C-Suite roles such as ceo, president, coo and cfo as well as companies with women making up at least one-third of its board of directors, according to Charles Suh, v.p. and portfolio manager. While most strategies in the marketplace are taking an index approach to this area, Pacific Global wanted to focus on how the information could be used in an active way to build off the premise that women in leadership companies outperform the broader market.

For perspective, 10.7% of all S&P 500 companies have  more than 33%  of their board seats occupied by women, and just 22.7% have at least one female executive, as of June 30, according to FactSet. The strategy went live on July 1 and Suh acknowledges that the process will take some time as the efforts across the industry look to take hold.

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