We are value investors.  We utilize a focused portfolio strategy and a long-term investment horizon to design portfolios for a broad range of investment objectives.

Value Investors

We seek to invest in high quality, undervalued stocks.  As part of our research methodology, we assess each company’s intrinsic value by evaluating its business model and management and ascertaining its risks.  Our margin of safety arises from in-depth fundamental analysis and our ability to identify companies with favorable long-term growth prospects.

Focused Portfolio Strategy

Click to watch George discuss PGIMC’s Focused Value Strategy Part 1.

Our portfolio strategy relies on our deep understanding of each company in which we invest.  Each portfolio typically holds between 30 and 50 stocks that are selected based on our assessment of the most attractive opportunities.  Our concentrated approach seeks to outperform broad index strategies over time.

Click to watch George discuss PGIMC’s Focused Value Strategy Part 2.

Long-term Horizon

We invest for the long-term by identifying high quality businesses with superior management teams and attractive growth prospects.  We believe these companies offer meaningful opportunities for patient investors.  We take an active long-term approach using an opportunistic buy/sell discipline.

We provide investment management services across the range of equity capitalizations and through various fixed income instruments; in particular, we have a unique expertise in small cap stocks.


Investing in securities involves risk of loss that clients should be prepared to bear. Click here for a description of specific risks related to our investment strategies.