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Across our equity, balanced and fixed income strategies, we adhere to an active management philosophy that emphasizes total return in determining the most suitable investments for each client.

Active Management

We do not use an index approach; neither are we “closet indexers.” A fundamental bottom-up analysis of each individual company drives our investment process, while sector and industry diversification play a secondary, supportive role.

Total Return

We evaluate the total return potential (dividend and/or coupon payments and price appreciation) of each investment. We believe this strategy works throughout market and economic cycles to meet a broad range of investment objectives.

We build our portfolios from the bottom up by selecting individual companies based on their merits and suitability. We typically monitor a company over several quarters before initiating an investment, and then build our positions over time. As a result of our focused, long-term investment strategy, we generally experience low portfolio turnover which contributes to portfolio tax efficiency.


Investing in securities involves risk of loss that clients should be prepared to bear. Click here for a description of specific risks related to our investment strategies.