Our comprehensive research effort seeks to identify high quality businesses with superior management teams and attractive growth prospects that are trading at significant discounts to intrinsic value. Our research methodology incorporates both qualitative and quantitative fundamental analysis.

Qualitative Fundamental Analysis

We take our time studying each company in order to evaluate the overall quality of its business. Our process typically includes meeting with management and utilizing our extensive network of industry contacts and analysts to paint a detailed picture of each company before making an investment decision. We target high quality businesses with:

    • Competitive advantages, such as economies of scale or other barriers to entry, and proven track records.
    • Superior management teams with strong reputations in their industry, who have demonstrated consistent leadership within the organization and have credibility with the investment community.
    • Attractive growth prospects through industry expansion, company-specific initiatives, or acquisitions of complementary businesses and/or competitors.

Quantitative Fundamental Analysis

We supplement our qualitative research with an objective evaluation of each company’s investment prospects. Our quantitative analysis examines factors including balance sheet strength, return on investment, growth rates, and valuation. We develop a proprietary model for each company to assess its intrinsic value. We then seek to invest at significant discounts to that value.


Investing in securities involves risk of loss that clients should be prepared to bear. Click here for a description of specific risks related to our investment strategies.