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Our small cap expertise derives from our chairman, George Henning. His diverse background and business experience includes senior management positions for Fortune 500 financial companies. Over three decades, his various roles have entailed managing product design, marketing, strategic planning and business development. His responsibilities evolved to encompass the planning and implementation of mergers and acquisitions as well as corporate turnarounds. His experience forms the basis for our “Quality Value” investment philosophy. George is supported by Charles Suh, CFA, whose expertise in small and micro-cap stocks originated from his training at Columbia Business School’s Value Investing Program. Their complementary perspectives collaborate to form a singular investment approach.

We approach each business from an owner’s perspective with designs for a long-term investment. Our portfolios are concentrated in 30-50 securities that we believe present the best opportunities. This focused approach enables us to benefit in a meaningful way from our in-depth understanding of each holding. We leverage our understanding of these companies into an active buy and hold strategy which couples our long-term investment horizon with an opportunistic trading discipline.

We believe small and micro-cap stocks can have:

    • Competitive advantages, such as barriers to entry or economies of scale;
    • Strong management teams that have demonstrated consistent leadership;
    • Superior growth prospects through internal or external opportunities;
    • Sound fundamentals, including strong balance sheets, high returns on invested capital,and consistent financial results.
    • Attractive valuations based upon relative and absolute valuation methodologies.

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Investing in securities involves risk of loss that clients should be prepared to bear. Click here for a description of specific risks related to our investment strategies.